Three Reasons To Use Virgin Indian Hair Bundles In Hair Extensions Or Wigs

Posted on: 16 September 2020

Although synthetic hair has come a long way, no artificial fibers can compare to real human hair. Human hair used in wigs and extensions is a perfect recreation of a person's natural hair, so it curls and straightens as expected and takes colors well. You can find real human hair bundles online from a variety of sources, but if you want to have a great experience using real hair to make wigs and extensions, you should look for virgin Indian hair bundles. They are great choices for the following reasons.

A Reputable Source For Real Hair

Whenever you buy hair online, you may question where it came from. Was the donator willing to sell or give away his or her hair? When you purchase hair bundles from India, you are likely purchasing hair that was donated to temples as an act of devotion. The donators are completely willing to give up their hair and often travel for miles to do so at a temple. The temples dutifully clean, detangle, and bundle the hair. Then, they sell the hair and bring much-needed income into their towns and villages. Overall, donated Indian hair is generally considered free from ethical concerns.

Virgin Hair Is Ready For Processing

When workers sort through hair donations at Indian temples, they differentiate between virgin hair and chemically treated hair. Virgin hair is worth more than chemically treated hair because it can be processed without becoming brittle or weak. If you want to match hair extensions to your own hair or your clients' hair, you can perm, straighten, bleach, and color virgin hair as much as you need to to get the effect you are going for. 

The Ideal Hair Texture

Different ethnicities have different hair textures. In the United States, many people who want hair extensions or wigs want hair that mimics caucasian hair textures. When hair is processed in any way, its texture changes. So, to mimic caucasian hair textures, you need to start with hair that is slightly coarser than caucasian hair. Indian hair has the perfect level of coarseness to handle being bleached, dyed, permed, or straightened and come out of the process with a texture that matches caucasian hair. Since it has a texture between caucasian hair and east Asian hair textures, it can blend in with almost every hair type even if it hasn't been modified.

To learn more about virgin Indian hair bundles, reach out to hair sellers online.