Three Benefits Of Short Hair Extensions

Posted on: 7 August 2023

Making the decision to visit a local salon to get hair extensions is an exciting feeling, and browsing the many different extensions that are available can be a fun process. Your stylist will likely give you some recommendations about which specific extensions will look best for you based on the hairstyle you want. While many people immediately think about long hair extensions, don't overlook the value of choosing extensions that are shorter. You might be surprised at how many different short hair extensions are available, and you shouldn't have trouble picking out a set that will suit the look of your natural hair. Here are three benefits of using short hair extensions.

Less Of A Change

While some people don't mind going from medium-length hair to long hair with the help of hair extensions, others may not like this major change. When you have medium-length hair and get long extensions, you'll show up at work and everyone will know that you're wearing extensions. Lots of people don't have a problem with this, but if you like the idea of being subtler, shorter hair extensions can work. They can help your hair to look thicker and better overall, without necessarily being longer.

Easier To Manage

While your salon stylist will always give you a tutorial on how to manage your hair extensions, you may find that those that are shorter are easier for you to manage than those that are longer. This can particularly be true for people who have worn short or medium-length hair for the majority of their lives. It can be quite a change to suddenly have long hair, and this may overwhelm you a little. When you keep your hair extensions on the shorter side, you'll likely find that they're easier to manage.

More Affordable

There are a number of factors that influence how much you'll pay for hair extensions. Commonly, those that are longer will cost more than are shorter. The price difference can vary, but if you're on a budget when you visit the salon, you may find that shorter extensions are the better option for you right now. Not only will a shorter style be more affordable, but they'll also give you a chance to easily get used to the feeling of wearing extensions. At a later date when your budget is a little bigger, you may wish to return to the salon and get longer extensions.

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