Out With The Old, In With The New: Fresh Medium Haircuts For Men

Posted on: 16 February 2023

Men's hairstyles are constantly changing, so why should you be stuck with the same look? If you have medium-length hair, there are plenty of options to keep your style fresh. Whether you're looking for a classic cut or something more daring, here are some ideas for unique haircuts for men with medium-length hair.

The High and Tight

The high and tight is a classic men's haircut perfect for medium-length hair because it requires minimal maintenance while still providing an edgy and stylish look. This haircut is achieved by cutting hair very close to the scalp on the sides, tapering up at the temples, then blending it into longer lengths on top.

With this style, there are several options for styling the top layer, including affixing gel for a wet look or using pomade for a more textured outcome. This versatility makes it a unique haircut for men with medium-length hair, as there are endless ways to tailor it to your preference.

Overall, the high and tight is a distinctive style that provides a timeless look for men with medium-length hair. With careful attention to detail, you can create a polished appearance that won't require too much effort to maintain. So if you want to make an impactful change to your hairstyle, the high and tight might be just what you need.

The Skin Fade

The skin fade is the perfect haircut for men with medium-length hair looking to make a fashion statement. This modern style starts from the lowest point of your head and gradually fades into an almost invisible length near the scalp. It's a great way to add dimension to your look while still keeping your hair at a manageable length.

The skin fade also gives you plenty of options for styling on top, as it can be blended into longer layers or kept short for a classic look. Depending on your desired aesthetic, you could go bold with spiked-up tips or slicked-back strands. No matter what style you choose, this sharp cut allows you to create an eye-catching look without having to commit too much time to maintenance.

Ultimately, the skin fade is the ideal choice for men looking to make an impactful statement without sacrificing their unique sense of style. With its versatility and easy upkeep, this modernized version of a classic cut can help you achieve that standout look whether you prefer something subtle or more daring.

Your hairstyle is an important part of your look, and with so many options available for men with medium-length hair, it's easy to switch up your style. The high and tight and the skin fade are two unique haircuts that can help you make a fashion statement without too much effort. So if you're looking to switch things up and get a fresh look, these medium haircuts are worth considering.

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