Top Features To Look For In A Salon-Quality Flat Iron For Your Styling Product Collection

Posted on: 15 December 2017

There is something that seems magical about going to the salon and having your hair done. It always seems like the stylist can achieve things that you just can't with your hair. However, what it really comes down to in a lot of cases is the tools that are used at the salon, specifically the styling tools like a flat iron. Professional-grade flat irons are far more efficient, giving you straightened, healthy-looking hair. If you want a flat iron that can perform like this for your own styling product collection, there are a few good features to make sure you look for among the different models. 

Fully adjustable temperature control options. 

Sometimes you will want perfectly flat hair, sometimes you will want only to tame down a few frizzy tresses, and sometimes, it is more important to use less heat because your hair is wet or more delicate. Because heating temperature needs can vary greatly from person to person and occasion to occasion, your flat iron needs to be able to adjust to accommodate what you need. Look for a flat iron that has full temperature control that allows you to pick from low-heat options all the way up to the hottest safe temperatures with the flip of a switch. 

Fast heat recovery features. 

With every swipe of a flat iron on your hair, the heated plates will transfer heat in the plates to your hair, which means heat loss is a major problem for some of the lower quality flat iron models. The best quality flat irons have fast heat recovery features that will help retain heat in the plates to keep them at the preset temperature during use. This means you will be able to straighten your hair more quickly because it will usually take fewer swipes with the iron to get straight results. 

Automatic shut-off feature.

When you are in a rush to get your hair straightened and get on with your day, it is easy to accidentally leave your flat iron powered on at home when you leave the house. Some of these units can get extremely hot, and leaving an iron on is not only a fire hazard, it is hard on the unit itself. Therefore, make sure you look for a flat iron that features an automatic shut-off that will power the iron off if it is left unused and unattended for an extended period of time. 

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