Four Tips For Growing A Beard For The First Time (And Making Sure It Looks Good)

Posted on: 4 January 2017

Whether you're taking part in No Shave November, you're growing a playoff beard for a sports team, or you just want to adorn your face with a beacon of manliness, growing a beard seems simple? You just.... don't shave right? While just "not shaving" would grow a beard on your face, that doesn't mean it will look any good. If you're attempting to grow a beard for the first time, there are a few things you should know. 

Make Sure Your Skin Comes First For someone with a bead for the first time, all of the attention is going to be on the beard itself. Sure, the actual beard is the star, but the skin it's rooted to is just as important for keeping a beard looking good. You'll need to know what type of skin you have (dry or oily, sensitive or tough) so you can treat your skin with respect from the beginning.

Let it Grow Wild (For A Month At Least) Growing a solid beard takes at least a month (67 days by one source), so it's recommended that a new beard-grower wait at least that time before doing any heavy shaping (or any heavy trimming obviously). About a month in, you can start to understand how your beard grows, the direction hairs face, the shape the beard naturally takes, and lots of little details like that. For the first 30 days, let it go! Fight the itch! If you've never had a beard before, know that your skin will fight back. It's simply not used to the bearded bushiness you're attempting to grow. A new beard is going to itch - there's not much of a way around it. Just keep using shampoo and moisturizer, and your skin will eventually adjust.

Keep Moisturized If you want to make sure your beard looks its best, the number one thing to do it make sure you're using a good beard treatment product like a moisturizer. This makes sure that the bush of hair on your face isn't a scraggly, prickly tangle, but a soft, manageable addition to your face. 

Growing a beard doesn't take a lot of work, honestly. Heck, you can grow one out of simple laziness. But making sure that it looks good is a whole different story. It takes a little attention every day along the way. With some care, some knowledge, and some helpful beard products, your first beard could just be the best thing you've ever done!