Do Synthetic Noriko Wigs Require Any Upkeep?

Posted on: 15 June 2022

Synthetic wigs remain a favorite among some women, and this is due to the range of advantages they offer. Without a doubt, the biggest selling point of synthetic wigs is they come pre-styled, so you do not have to worry about changing up the hair every day. Secondly, the artificial fibers of synthetic wigs are more hard-wearing than their natural hair counterparts, making these wigs a long-term investment. Lastly, the durability of synthetic wigs makes them easy to maintain, which is more convenient than human hair wigs.

Nevertheless, simply because synthetic wigs do not require arduous maintenance does not mean you can neglect these hair pieces for months on end. To prolong the shelf life of your synthetic wig, you need to ensure you are providing it with the care it requires. For more on that, below are essential steps to take to maintain the quality of your synthetic wig.

Always Detangle the Synthetic Wig Before Washing, Wearing, or Storing It

Similar to human hair wigs, synthetic wigs are vulnerable to knots that lead to tangling. The blunder some wig wearers make is assuming these knots will unravel on their own, so they do not bother trying to detangle them. But this is the wrong approach. The reality is the longer the knots are left untouched, the worse they become, more so when you wash, wear, or put your wig into storage. To mitigate the risk of having to trim your synthetic wig, it is advisable to use a wig brush to detangle it regularly. The best technique to employ is brushing the wig from the tips and slowly working the brush to the roots.

Always Use Hair Care Products Designed for Synthetic Wigs

Another mistake some wig wearers make once they purchase their first synthetic wig is assuming they can save on costs by using their natural hair care products on synthetic fibers. The truth, though, is that the products designed for your natural hair are specially formulated for these types of strands. Typically, they will be gentle to your tresses and your scalp, so these products will not be strong enough to tackle the grime that can accumulate on synthetic hair. The best option would be to invest in wig care products. These products are not only designed to strip away dirt from the synthetic fibers but are also designed to soften the artificial hair strands. Hence, your synthetic wig will look better with time rather than the strands losing their luster and becoming tough to manage.

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