Short Haircut Mistakes Every Woman Needs To Avoid

Posted on: 13 January 2022

You've always enjoyed your beautiful long hair but after years of upkeep, you are ready for a change. A shorter style can be a versatile, fun way to update your look. Unfortunately, without the proper planning and the help of the right stylist, you can easily regret your shorter new hairdo. No matter what your age, here are a few short haircut mistakes every woman should avoid.

Going Too Short During Your First Appointment

You have a look in mind and want to jump headfirst into your new shorter style. However, before you take a drastic leap and chop off all your hair into a cute pixie or a very short, layered bob haircut, consider cutting your hair in stages instead. You might be surprised to find that a medium-length or an angled bob works better for you than a much shorter cut.

Remember, it is much easier to head back to the salon to get a few more inches off than taking a drastic step that you regret later, and a step that takes months to grow back into a style you actually want.

Not Consider Your Face Shape and Hair Texture

That amazing short cut looks great on your favorite celebrity or your best friend. However, just because it works with their face shape and hair texture that does not mean the same style will look as good on you. Instead, work with your stylist to choose a shorter haircut that will work with your face shape and your hair's texture.

For example, if you have a square jaw, consider a chin-length layered bob haircut, as this will draw attention to your amazing jawline. A pixie haircut or a shorter, layered bob haircut will work well if you have an oval face. If your hair is thinner, layers will make it appear fuller. A blunt haircut will work if you have thicker or curly hair.

Not Learning How to Style Your New Shorter Hair

Now that you have that amazing shorter cut you have always wanted, it is time to learn how to style your hair. If you have always had longer hair in the past, it will take a new set of skills, tools, and products to get the desired look you are after. Your stylist can help you choose the right products and teach you how to style your amazing new shorter hair.

If you are considering cutting your hair into a shorter style, there are several mistakes you need to avoid to ensure you get the ideal haircut for face shape, your hair's texture, and your lifestyle. Ask a hair-cutting professional for advice.