Looking For The Best Haircuts For Men? Choosing Made Easy

Posted on: 22 September 2021

Everyone has a hairstyle that they consider to be their favorite. Mostly, it is the style that their barber introduced them to during their childhood or teenage. However, a lot of men also wonder if they might look better with other hairstyles. Looking for a new haircut seems adventurous, but there is also the fear that you might end up looking funny for some months when you get it wrong. Fortunately, there are hacks that pro hairstylists recommend depending on your features and the look you want to achieve. Here are considerations that will help you get a perfect style.

Think About the Shape of the Face

The shape of the face is the first important thing to think about when looking for the ideal hairstyle. The most common face shapes are round, oval, oblong, square, diamond, and triangular. You can tell the shape of your face by looking at the length of the face and the width. The great thing about people with oval-shaped faces is that they look great in almost every hairstyle. Those with round faces need styles with a longer top and shorter sides. Also, people with oblong face shapes should avoid short and tight cuts as they elongate the face. Square faces do well with almost all modern haircuts, from buzz haircuts to hawks, crew cuts, and quiffs. Finally, diamond faces do excellent with short hairstyles. 

Consider the Texture of Your Hair

Hair texture is the second consideration to make when deciding on the best haircut. Hair texture is classified using a system that runs from one to five. Hair type one is the least textured and can be challenging to style into stiff styles. Type four hair, on the other hand, is curly. It works well with stiff and curly haircuts. Thick fine hair can also take disconnected haircuts quite well. 

Consider Your Profession

Your profession also comes into play when looking for a haircut. You have to go for the cuts that reflect the image that your professional brand aims to create. For example, it is unusual for someone in the formal business field to style their hair in a colored mohawk. Similarly, buzz cuts might seem out of place for someone who operates a tattoo parlor. A haircut is a lifestyle makeover, and you should invest in the best.

These are considerations to make when choosing a hairstyle for men. Reach out to a professional hair salon, like Vicara Salon, to get help choosing the style that reflects your style and the image you want to create.