Eliminating Unwanted Body Hair

Posted on: 9 April 2021

Unwanted hair can be a cosmetic problem that requires constant work to manage. For individuals that are tired of shaving and waxing, laser hair removal is a solution that can effectively eliminate patches of unwanted hair regardless of where they are growing.

Are There Side Effects Of Removing Hair With Laser Treatments?

An assumption some people may have about laser hair removal procedures is that these treatments will result in side effects that could be extremely unpleasant and long-lasting. For example, there is sometimes a belief that these treatments will result in a patient experiencing considerable pain for several days. Additionally, some individuals might think that these treatments will result in a rash or other unpleasant side effects. In reality, most patients will experience minimal or no side effects from this treatment. Typically, any side effects that a patient experiences will be limited to excessively dry skin and itchiness that may last for a few hours or a couple of days.

Is The Hair Permanently Removed By These Treatments?

A laser hair removal treatment will be able to significantly reduce the frequency that you will have to remove unwanted hair. However, the hair that is eliminated with the laser procedure will still eventually be able to grow back. Luckily, this procedure will be able to eliminate the hair for a period ranging from several weeks to up to several months. Additionally, it is possible to use maintenance treatments to eliminate the hair that may first start to grow back. Generally, you will want to schedule one of these maintenance sessions as soon as you notice that hair is starting to grow back as this can help to keep these treatments short and easy.

Does The Type Of Hair That You Have Impact The Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

The hair that you are wanting to remove can influence the number of treatments that may be required to fully eliminate all of the hair that is growing. For example, some individuals will have especially thick hair that may require multiple treatments to completely remove. However, thin hairs that may grow on your arms and neck may be eliminated in a single session. When you are first considering going through with this procedure, you will be able to meet with the technician so they can evaluate the hair and give you an estimate for how many sessions it will require for the hairs to be completely neutralized.