How To Take Care Of Your Eyebrows After Microblading

Posted on: 15 May 2019

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup that can give your eyebrows beautiful shape and definition. The procedure is performed by a trained practitioner who will ensure that your microblade tattoo suits your facial features and coloring. The procedure itself can be completed in under two hours, but you'll need to follow your microblade artist's instructions for aftercare. Here are four things you should do after your microblading appointment:

1. Avoid touching your eyebrows.

After your microblading appointment, your brows may be a little sore as the numbing cream wears off. In the following weeks, your skin may itch as the skin beneath your eyebrows heals. However, it's imperative that you don't scratch your eyebrows. Your hands carry bacteria, which can cause an infection in your tattoo before it's fully healed. Resist the urge to touch your face or pick at your eyebrows.

2. Keep the skin moisturized.

Like all tattoos, a microblade tattoo is initially an open wound into which ink was deposited. Like all wounds, your tattoo will have a tendency to scab, since this is part of your body's natural healing process. You want to discourage the formation of scabs as much as possible, and moisturizing can help you do this. Use a mild, unscented lotion to keep the skin of your eyebrows from drying out during the first two weeks after receiving your tattoo.

3. Avoid getting your eyebrows wet.

You should avoid getting your eyebrows wet for at least ten days after your microblading procedure. Up until the ten day mark, your tattoo isn't fully healed, which means ink can potentially be washed out of the microblade strokes your artist created. This would result in a patchy, less pigmented tattoo. When you shower, try to keep your face directly out of the spray of water, and avoid swimming. You may want to avoid washing your face during this time and switch to gentle cleansing wipes instead.

4. Return for your touch up appointment.

After your initial appointment, your microblade tattoo will heal over a period of two weeks. During this time, the ink will lighten as some of it naturally migrates from your body. This is normal, but it may leave you with an imperfect result. That's why your microblade artist will have you come in for a touch up appointment after your eyebrows have fully healed. During this appointment, they will darken any areas that need extra pigment. For more information on looking your best check out places like Kim Dao Permanent Makeup.