Treating Your Hair After Bleaching: 6 Tips For Stronger Hair

Posted on: 8 March 2019

If you want to change your hair color to a dramatically different shade, you'll usually have to bleach it first. Unfortunately, bleaching still takes quite the toll on most hair. What can you do to help your locks recover? 

1. Purchase a Deep Conditioning Treatment

A deep conditioning treatment will restore a lot of the natural oils to your hair shaft. Some of them are hot oil treatments, which you need to heat up and apply. Other treatments are oils that you'll leave on all night long, penetrating into your hair overnight. Either way, a regular deep conditioning treatment is a good idea if you frequently need to bleach your hair. 

2. Wash With Shampoo Less Frequently

Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils, which can make it more likely to get damaged. Washing either with water or with conditioner can be a good way to keep your hair healthy. Conditioner alone is usually enough to keep your hair clean.

3. Only Use Cold Water on Your Hair

While hot water may feel great, it's pretty harsh on your hair. You should use either cold water or just warm water on your hair, at least until it recovers. Further, hot water will leech the color out of your hair, which will mean you need to process your hair more often.

4. Get Your Damaged Ends Cut Off

Not only are damaged ends unsightly, but they can cause you to lose more hair. This is because damaged ends will split further up the shaft, eventually breaking off and leaving you with fried, frizzy looking strands. Have your hair dresser cut damaged ends off before they progress.

5. Take Some "Biotin" Supplements

Biotin is the chemical that makes up your hair and nails. Oral biotin supplements can encourage better hair and nail growth, to make your new growth stronger. As you continue to bleach your hair, this will make your freshly bleached hair stronger and thicker.

6. Avoid Bleaching Too Frequently

When you're refreshing your hair color, you should only bleach the roots. Avoid bleaching any of your hair multiple times in multiple sessions, because this can cause your hair to become very fragile and break.

Your hair salon can give you more information—but there's really not much more you can do other than following the above tips. As long as your hair has been processed correctly by a professional, it should eventually recover.