Hair Loss Prevention During Chemo: Will A Cold Cap Help?

Posted on: 2 April 2018

Do you have to undergo chemotherapy to fight cancer? After receiving a cancer diagnosis and then finding out more about the method of treatment your doctor believes you should take, you're likely feeling a lot of different emotions, such as fear, anxiety, and frustration. In addition to worrying about the cancer, you may be worried about losing your hair and your confidence during such a vulnerable time in your life. You deserve to feel good about yourself, even when you're going through a difficult time, which is why you may want to consider using a cold cap during chemotherapy sessions.

What Are Cold Caps?

Chemo cold caps are often worn by people who'd like to prevent as much hair loss as possible while undergoing a method of treatment that could potentially cause them to lose their hair. These caps consist of ice packs that will make the scalp cold, which slows down the flow of blood to the scalp on a temporary basis. When wearing a cold cap, you're intentionally lowering your scalp's temperature in an attempt to keep the chemo from destroying the hair follicles.

Why Do People Wear Them?

When a person who loves their hair finds out they have cancer and need to undergo chemotherapy to treat that form of cancer, they're often concerned about their hair because they're already going through a lot and don't want to have to go through something else that may be difficult for them to experience. If you're one of those people who couldn't imagine the stress of losing your hair while battling cancer, you should wear the cold cap. The cap may possibly prevent at least some, if not all, hair loss from taking place while you're undergoing treatment to overcome cancer.

Are They Effective?

Cold caps may help to prevent hair loss, but each person's situation is different. The effectiveness may vary from patient to patient, but it's still worth trying if you'd like to do what you can to prevent as much hair loss as possible. Talk to your doctor about using a cool cap, and remember that it must be placed tightly around the head to work effectively. You should wear the cold cap each time you're undergoing chemotherapy.

Cold caps are commonly used by those who are looking to reduce the amount of hair they'll lose while going through chemotherapy to fight cancer. If you're going through this courageous battle right now, you may want to check out cold cap options to find a cap that may work effectively enough for you.