4 Tips For Banishing Age Spots

Posted on: 14 July 2016

Brown age spots showing up on your face, hands, and chest may not be harmful, but they can definitely make you look older. Luckily, there are anti-aging tricks to help get rid of these pesky spots for good. Here are four tips for banishing age spots:

Buy Anti-Aging Serums with Brightening Ingredients

While some anti-aging skin serums only target wrinkles, you want to buy serums that also contain skin brightening ingredients. These will brighten your overall complexion while gradually lightening age spots, making them easier to cover with makeup and eventually getting rid of them altogether. Brightening ingredients include kojic acid, hydroquinone, and vitamin C. Look for these ingredients when you buy anti aging products online.

Get a Series of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels deeply exfoliate your skin, removing surface skin cells and revealing younger, unblemished skin underneath. For very dark age spots, you may need a series of several chemical peels to see your age spots completely vanish, as the spots may be deeper than just the very surface layer of your skin. Chemical peels not only help fade age spots, but also give you a more even and glowing skin tone and help reduce wrinkles.

Try Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

While more expensive than the other options on this list, Intense Pulsed Light (ILP) therapy treatment at a dermatologist's office can get rid of age spots very quickly and effectively. This targeted light breaks up the melanin in your age spots, causing the spots to turn into scabs and then completely fall off. You will need to avoid the sun while your skin is healing from this procedure.

Become Stringent About Sun Protection

One thing to keep in mind is that UV rays from the sun cause age spots to form in the first place, and treatments for age spots can actually make your skin even more vulnerable to damaging sun rays. Most anti-aging products and procedures reveal younger, less damaged skin, but this skin is also quite delicate and needs to be protected from the sun in order to prevent future wrinkles and age spots from forming.

If you really want to banish age spots for good, you must commit to stringent sun protection. This means staying indoors (or at least in the shade) during the hottest part of the day, wearing sunglasses and hats, and of course wearing sunblock anytime you go outside.

By following these tips, you should soon see your age spots begin to vanish, and help prevent new ones from popping up at the same time.