4 Questions About Wood Shampoo And Wood Conditioner Answered

Posted on: 4 December 2015

If somebody were to tell you that wood was the main ingredient in a line of shampoos and conditioners, you might look at him or her as though he/she is crazy. After all, there is no way wood can be liquid enough to be a shampoo, much less a conditioner, right? You may be surprised at just how often the word "wood" is used in conjunction with these associated products, because there are several natural wood elements that can be used as effective hair care cleansing and conditioning agents. If you need more information, just see what the following questions and answers have to say about these products.

What Is Wood Shampoo or Wood Conditioner?

Typically, the natural oils or pulverized parts taken from certain trees are used to make these hair care products. One popular line touts "aromatic wood" ingredients, which includes orange essences from oranges and orange trees and nutmeg, which is the bark of nutmeg trees. Another uses pulverized chestnuts, while another uses hickory root. If the ingredients come from a tree, essentially that product could be labeled as a "wood shampoo" or "wood conditioner."

What Are the Benefits of Using "Wood" Hair Care Products over Using Other Products?

Essential oils taken from certain trees softens damaged hair. Bamboo helps strengthen hair and alleviate skin conditions of the scalp. Other tree ingredients put back vitamins and minerals that have been lost due to coloring and bleaching products. Still more types of wood and wood extracts help your hair reabsorb minerals naturally through your scalp's root system.

Will I Smell Like a Tree If I Use a Wood Shampoo and Conditioner?

Not in the way you might think. Many of the aromatic wood oils used to make hair care products are taken from spice trees and fruit trees, so if you enjoy cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves or any matter of fruit smells, then you would probably enjoy "wood" hair care products. If you are a strictly floral person, there are other products out there that can give you some of the same benefits but with flowery smells instead.

Can I Buy All-Natural Wood Shampoos and Wood Conditioners?

Yes, you can buy all-natural wood shampoos and wood conditioners. Many salons sell all-natural products made from dozens of various essential oils, barks, and crushed fruits, nuts,and/or nut shells. All of them have special properties and unique benefits, so be sure to read the labels and ask questions about the products before you buy them.