3 Ways To Regrow Hair, No Surgery Required

Posted on: 29 October 2015

Losing your hair can be a frustrating experience, but with the right approach, some cases can be reversed. Once you notice your hair is beginning to thin, now is the time to start treating the problem. There are simple ways to stimulate regrowth, without surgery.


Minoxidil remains a popular product to help regrow hair. You can easily find it as the active ingredient in many retail products. Once you start noticing signs of hair loss, you should start using the product. It can take several weeks before you notice any benefits. You may also notice increased hair growth all over your body with regular use. Before using minoxidil, you must realize it is a long-term commitment. You typically need to apply the product multiple times each day. If you decide to stop using minoxidil, you will likely lose any new growth.

Scalp Massage

You can use your hands or scalp massaging devices to stimulate hair growth. Some instances of hair loss can be attributed to poor circulation to the hair follicles. If you notice more hair loss on areas of your scalp where your head makes contact with the pillow as you sleep, poor blood circulation is often the problem. Use your fingertips to gently massage your scalp in circular movements. Pay special attention to areas of hair loss, but massaging your entire scalp is beneficial. You should massage your scalp at least once per day. The motion helps encourage blood flow to the area.

Essential Oils

You can use essential oils to help stimulate blood circulation to your scalp. Peppermint and pepper oil are two options. The best way to use essential oils is to add them to shampoo or conditioner, since you will wash them off and you can dilute the oils. You never want to use any essential oil at its full strength directly on your scalp because it can cause irritation.

Peppermint is often used in hair care products because it creates a tingling sensation that many people find soothing. The tingling sensation helps encourage blood flow to your scalp as well. Similarly, pepper oil will help with blood flow by warming up your scalp. If you want to use a spot treatment, just add a drop or two of the essential oil to your conditioner and rub it into the affected area. Leave it on your scalp for five to ten minutes or longer if you do not experience any irritation, before rinsing with warm water.

Not every hair regrowth treatment has to be invasive or expensive. Before you consider surgical options, use treatments you can do at home to regrow your hair. For more information, contact a company like L J Hair Systems.