Opal Hair: The Hot New Hair Coloring Trend And How To Get It

Posted on: 15 October 2015

Opal hair is not a new Nicki Minaj wig. It is a hair coloring trend that is sweeping the nation. While it looks best on people who have sleek tresses that are already pale blond to natural platinum, it can still be achieved and look very nice on other heads as well. Here is how you can get your own opal hair.

Lighten Up

The first step is to lighten your own natural color. This may require a lot of peroxide for darker hair, and the darker your hair is, the more chemicals you will need to lighten it. If you do not want to wait for several applications of peroxide and hot blow-drying to lighten your hair enough, you can go to a salon and ask them to "bleach" your hair to the lightest color possible without dying it afterwards. Just be aware that before you can add your "opal" colors, your lightened hair will need a few days to a couple of weeks to recover or you will end up with severely damaged hair. Get used to the idea now that this means you will look like someone with albinism for a little bit.

Opal Hair Coloring

If you have ever seen an opal, then you know that it reflects shades of coral, pink, yellow, turquoise, green and purple. When you reach for the dyes that currently provide you with opal hair colors, you will want the colors to be subtle when you have finished, and not look like a Rainbow Brite character. The colors all have to be mixed in separate bowls and all of them have to be painted on in sections with their own coloring brushes. The sections have to be wrapped in foil for a little while, but you should not keep the foils or the color pastes on your hair for longer than thirty minutes. The whole point to opal hair is subtlety with a shimmering effect, not bold, loud and bright.

If You Are Too Nervous to Do the Opal Hair Coloring Part Yourself

If you are too scared that you will not get the desired results doing your own opal hair dying at home, find a salon that currently offers it. It does come with a hefty price tag in salons because the salons have to mix and use several colors just for your head. However, the results should be perfect and the salon can add special conditioners to the dying process to produce the right amount of soft, shimmery color.

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