How To Use Concealers As Tattoo Cover Up Products

Posted on: 27 February 2016

If you have been looking for tattoo cover up products in catalogs and online, you have undoubtedly found several items that have been created for the sole purpose of hiding one's tattoos. Quite often, these products are for people who have large tattoos on their arms and/or legs, where it may be difficult to hide them from job interviewers and employers. However, if you have just a little tattoo on your neck, face, back of your hand, etc., then some of these products are not quite right for you. What can you do instead? Concealers are the answer, and here is how to use them to cover your tattoos.

First, Find and Purchase an Oil-Based, Theatrical Makeup Concealer

Most concealers sold in the makeup aisles at your drug stores or grocery stores are cream- or water-based products. They will not cover effectively without creating several thick coats, nor will they stay on for very long. Find and purchase an oil-based, opaque, matte-finish theatrical concealer. This very specific product covers completely and it takes some effort to smudge it or wipe it off.

Next, Get Some Makeup Sponges

You will need some makeup sponges to apply the theatrical concealer evenly and thoroughly. Triangular, wedge-shaped sponges work the best because they provide you with more than one side or surface to apply the makeup and smooth it out across your tattoo. Even though you will only need one or two for a single application, they usually come in a larger set. Since you will eventually need more later for continued applications of the concealer, buy what you can afford and will use over the next week or two.

Apply the Concealer

  1. Take a single sponge between your thumb and first finger.
  2. Press into the oil-based concealer and push the sponge across its surface.
  3. Then make one clean sweeping layer across your tattoo. Do not blend the makeup a lot--just create a primary layer of color that looks natural.
  4. If you still have some areas of the tattoo peeking through this first layer, then take another swipe of makeup with the sponge and daub it gently over these areas. Lightly blend it into the first layer of concealer.
  5. Repeat as needed, but usually after the daubed layer your tattoo should be adequately concealed.

If you discover that the concealer is not the right color for your skin tone, be sure to return it and try a lighter or darker color so that your concealed tattoo does not look like an off-color patch of skin.