4 Tips Help Minimize the Appearance of Sun Damage

Posted on: 15 October 2015

There are many suggestions to help reduce the effects of the sun on your skin, but once the damage has a occurred, there seems to be little you can do. Although there is no way to completely reverse damage, you can minimize the appearance of sun damage on your skin.

Start Using Sunscreen

Sunscreen is often regarded as a way to help prevent sun damage. If you have sun damage and never wore sunscreen, this does not mean it is useless to start, Many skin problems are exacerbated by further sun exposure. For example, some areas of hyperpigmentation often turn darker with additional sun exposure. It is never too late to start wearing sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF, especially if you do not wear makeup containing sunscreen.

Exfoliate More Often

Routine exfoliation of your skin can help decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation and other sun-related problems. You may want to consider investing in a rotating face brush for exfoliation. When choosing a face brush, your top priority is choosing models that prevent the spread of bacteria. Face brushes with silicon bristles are a good alternative to traditional face brushes because bacteria do not grow on them.

If you choose a face brush with traditional bristles, make sure you choose one that is antimicrobial. Without antimicrobial properties, you may notice an increase in acne or any abrasions on your face could become infected. You should also choose a face brush with different heads for various skin types. Start with using the face brush once per week. Depending on how tolerant your skin is, you may want to use the brush every other day. Do not use the brush in combination with other exfoliants, because it will be damaging to your skin.

Add Retinoid Products

Retinoids are substances related to vitamin A, and they help with skin cell turnover. The easiest way to incorporate retinoids into your skin care routine is to find a moisturizer you like containing retinoids. When you start using retinoid products, you want to start with a small amount a few times each week, and build your way up. Some people experience skin sensitivity when using retinoid products and you want your skin to adjust to the retinoids.

Consider Dermatological Treatments

If you are not satisfied with the changes in your skin after using over-the-counter remedies, you may want to consider various dermatological treatments from a clinic like Greater Des Moines Dermatology, P.C. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion are among the treatments that can help fade the look of sun damage. Both procedures can cause significant redness and peeling of your skin in the days and weeks following the procedure. You may need to avoid sun exposure to prevent damage to the new skin that has been exposed.

Like many other skin problems, some damaging effects from the sun can fade over time. With proper care, you can help accelerate the fading process.